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VIII Summer School in Mind & Language

San Niccolò Palace - via Roma, 56 – Floor III, room 354 –       

Siena, 3-5 June 2015

Form-Oriented Approaches to Wittgenstein

Paying attention to the Tractatus’ and Philosophical Investigations’ specific forms

Alois Pichler

(Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen)


Luciano Bazzocchi (Università di Siena)

Among the discussants:  Nuno Venturinha, Giuseppe Varnier 

Lessons will be in seminar form

A brief description of the course:

i.               Issues of form in Wittgenstein and Wittgenstein scholarship
ii.              The tree-like structure of the Tractatus
iii.            How the Tractatus was formed
iv.            Consequences for reading the Tractatus
v.             The criss-cross form of the Philosophical Investigations
vi.            How the Philosophical Investigations was formed
vii.          Consequences for reading the Philosophical Investigations
viii.         Is there an opposition between philosophy- and form-oriented readings of Wittgenstein?


   Essential Literature:

L. Bazzocchi, L’albero del Tractatus (Mimesis, Milano, 2010; French translation: L’arbre du Tractatus, King’s College London, 2014)

E. Kanterian, Philosophy as Poetry? Reflections on Wittgenstein’s Style. In: Wittgenstein-Studien, Volume 3, Issue 1. pp. 95–132 (2012)

A. Pichler, The Philosophical Investigations and Syncretistic Writing. In: The Textual Genesis of Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations. Edited by Nuno Venturinha, pp. 65-80. New York: Routledge (2013)

L. Wittgenstein, The Tractatus According to Its Own Form, L. Bazzocchi ed. (2014)

L. Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations, P.M.S. Hacker & J. Schulte eds. (2010)

Schedule: June 3: 10-13 and 15-18; June 4: 10-13 and 15-18; June 5: 10-13

Attendance is free of charge. The language of the course will be English.

Some useful information about student lodging in Siena can be found at the following sites:

http://www.unisi.it/didattica/vivere-unisi/casa    http://www.dsu.toscana.it/it/alloggi/residenze_universitarie/index.html

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